Solax X1-HYBRID-3.0-D G4


  • high max.input current per MPPT: 14A
  • fast charging and discharging with high performance
  • maximum charging and discharging current: 30A
  • extremely low operating temperature: -35°C
  • unbalanced output supported – prevents voltage imbalance when using high power electrical equipment
  • protection class IP65 (suitable for indoor and outdoor use)
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Max. input current (A): 28,00
Minimum voltage input Mpp (V): 70
Number of Mpp-Trackers: 2
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter: no
Max. AC power (kVA): 3,30
Max. generator power DC (kWp): 4,50
Feed-in phases: 1
Display: with display
Topology: transformerless
Degree of protection (IP): IP65
Number of string inputs (pcs): 2
Interface 2:
Step-Up converter: yes
Interface 1:
Max. input voltage DC (V): 600,00
European efficiency (%): 97,00
Maximum voltage input Mpp (V): 550
Max. efficiency (%): 97,60
AC nominal power (kVA): 3,00


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Solax X1-HYBRID-3.0-D G4

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